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It is common for leaders and teams to get stuck or experience resistance when trying to cross over into new levels of their growth. To compensate, they may begin to hide, over function, or detach.

By working at the intersection of the growth of the leader and the development of the organization,research, experiences, resources, and consulting catalyze opportunities for guiding leaders and teams to grow their capacity, connection, courage, and character in ways that positively impacts the whole system.


My engagement with Transformed Leader has produced more growth and personal transformation than any other study, coaching or conference I’ve experienced. The results have been measured by increased peace in an ever-tumultuous marketplace, greater effectiveness as a leader in my business and deeper intimacy and connectedness with my family.
— Seth Davis (Principle of the Joshua Tree Group)


We at Transformed Leader are the learners, developers, and practitioners of the Human OS (Human Operating System)©


Allow us to come alongside and walk with you, your team, or your organization to help chart the best course for deep and meaningful change.


The Resource Bank hosts a growing collection of internal and external articles, white papers, and exercises to resource your transformative journey.



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